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Every morning a rich buffet will welcome you to start the day with a wondeful breakfast.  

we offer a selection of seasonal cakes and pies, made by a local artisanal bakery.
The selection includes the classic "apple cake", the unmissable "fruit tart", and the favourite "torta della nonna" (grandmother's cake), filled with fresh custard cream.
Additionally, we offer fresh and canned fruit, such as peaches, pineapple and prunes.
White and wild berries yoghurt.
Selection of breakfast cereals, including muesli, puffed rice, corn flakes and cocoa balls.
Selection of concentrated fruit juices.
You can also find jams (apricot, strawberry, cherries and peach), marmelade and chocolate spread, delicious when spread on warm bread.

and savoury delicatessen...

Our chef freshly prepares scrambled, fried,boiled eggs and omelette with variety of ingredients (such as ham, mushrooms, cheese -. just ask!).

We also have a selection of cured meat, such as ham, raw ham, mortadella, speck (smoked ham), salami and bacon.

and cheeses...
including Fontina , Emmenthal, Taleggio (soft cheese), Brie, Philadelphia .

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